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Youthful offender

What Works and What Doesn’t in Reducing Recidivism with Youthful Offenders

This report is an introduction about how to effectively reduce youthful offender recidivism

Positive Youth Justice Website

This website is designed to support and promote youth justice programs that are informed by the science of adolescent development. 

Sam Survives [Graphic Novel]

This graphic novel for male youthful inmates provides them vital information about possible exposure to sexual abuse in adult correctional settings.

Youthful Offenders – DC Public Safety Television

The program provides an overview of CSOSA’s young adult efforts based on national best practice standards.

PREA Youthful Inmate Implementation

This webpage provides information regarding the implementation of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) “youthful inmate” standard.

Prison Health Care: Youthful Offenders Sentenced as Adults [Lesson Plans]

This 20-hour program's manual provides resources that address the unique challenges of providing health services to youthful offenders.


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