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  • The NIC Digital Brand Guide

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  • WCSS Toolkit

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  • Planning the WCSS

    This module provides guidance on planning to administer the WCSS at your facility.

  • Conducting the WCSS Survey

    This module of the Toolkit provides the Survey Team with guidance on administering the WCSS and builds on decisions made in the Planning Module.

  • WCSS Data Entry

    This module provides the Survey Team with guidance on how to collect, prepare, and enter data from completed surveys.

  • Reporting and Viewing WCSS Results

    Once WCSS data have been collected and entered into the Toolkit, the next steps are running the report and acting on the results.

  • Action Planning based on WCSS Results

    This module provides guidance for acting on the results of the WCSS. This step is critical to improving safety in response to the WCSS data.