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Technical Assistance Overview

The NIC Technical Assistance Program responds directly to the needs, problems, and individual requirements of state and local correctional agencies. NIC’s technical assistance includes onsite guidance, support, consultation, or training provided by an experienced technical resource provider or NIC staff member who serves in an advisory capacity and works with agency staff. An agency may request assistance to:
  • Assess programs and operations
  • Implement effective practices
  • Improve agency management, operations, and programming
  • Refine the design, delivery, management, and evaluation of staff training programs
  • Assist in the development of offender programs and services, including reentry services
When appropriate, NIC may also cover the costs of practitioners' visits to another agency to observe effective practices.

Exclusive training in select NIC courses may be available for some agencies, though within designated funding limits. The collective cost to NIC, including training expenses for instruction, course preparation, onsite work, travel, and technical assistance reporting must not exceed the funding limit. Agencies must agree to defray the costs for reproducing materials provided by NIC, the cost for reserving the facilities in which NIC will conduct the training, audio-visual equipment needed for the training, and any additional costs related to agency participants attending the training.

If an agency agrees to the attendance of participants from outside agencies, all the costs for those participants attending the course will be the responsibility of the visiting participant or agency. NIC is unable to contribute to those expenses.