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Thinking for a Change: Integrated Cognitive Behavior Change Program Thinking for a Change 3.1: The Complete Facilitator Package

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The Thinking for a Change curriculum has been revised and as a result NIC is no longer making available copies of any previous versions of Thinking for a Change 3.1. 

Thinking for a Change (T4C) is the innovative, evidence-based cognitive behavioral curriculum from the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) that has broadly influenced the correctional field and the way correctional facilitators work with offenders and inmates. The program can be delivered to correctional clients by facilitators who have been trained to do so. Studies have shown that, when implemented with integrity, it can reduce recidivism among offenders. Lessons comprising this manual are: introduction; social skill-active listening; social skill—asking questions; social skill-giving feedback; social skill-knowing your feelings; cognitive self-change—thinking controls our behavior; cognitive self-change step 1—pay attention to our thinking; cognitive self-change step 2—recognizing risk; cognitive self-change step 3—use new thinking; thinking check-in; social skill—understanding the feelings of others; social skill—making a complaint; social skill—apologizing; social skill—responding to anger; social skill—negotiating; introduction to problem solving; problem solving skill 1—stop and think; problem solving skill 2—state the problem; problem solving skill 3—set a goal and gather information; problem solving practice skills 1-3; problem solving skill 4—think of choices and consequences; problem solving skill 5—make a plan; problem solving skill 6—do and evaluate; problem solving application; next steps; cognitive self-change—aftercare skill practice; social skill—aftercare skill practice; and problem solving—aftercare skill practice.

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