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If your agency is interested in hosting this partnership training program, please send a written request addressed to Wayne Hill (whill@bop.gov). It is advised that you follow the application requirements for Technical Assistance which can be found at http://nicic.gov/taapplication.

Application not currently available or registration cannot be done online.

Executive Manager in Correctional Health Care

TBD--The National Institute of Corrections offers the Executive Manager in Correctional Health Care training course as a partnership program. The training is held at the host agency's training facility for a minimum of twenty-four (24) participants.


The goal of this training is to develop a better-prepared correctional senior-level workforce that is knowledgeable in health care administration. Training topics include: Government regulatory standards; Constitutional requirements and ethics; strategic planning; quality improvement; workforce development; finances; contracts; administration of health care; mental health, dental health, custody needs to know; and a keystone/capstone case.

This blended curriculum will require a commitment from registrants that they participate in online pre & post-training meetings in addition to the 32-hour classroom training. The two-person team consists of the Warden or Associate Warden and the Health Services Administrator or the Jail Administrator or Deputy Administrator and his/her Health Services Administrator. The Health Services Administrator should have fewer than eighteen (18) months of experience in their position.

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