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Online registration for this e-course is available at the NIC Learning Center. When you click the "Apply" link below you will be redirected to the NIC Learning Center to complete the registration process.

Enrollment in the NIC e-Learning Center is limited to corrections professionals from jails, prisons, and community corrections agencies whose jobs are categorized as executive management, middle management, first-line supervision, offender programming, or training/staff development.


Leadership in Times of Critical Incidents

Anytime--In this e-course, explore how a changed leadership perspective, using the Full Range Leadership model, can help proactively anticipate a crisis--both the day-to-day variety and a catastrophic event.


What will you do when crisis strikes? Are different leadership skills needed in times of crisis? How can we proactively “plan” for crisis before it ever occurs?

Apply the model to your current leadership practices by exploring the following questions through scenario-based practice.

  • Do you change leadership style only in times of crisis? What are the precipitating factors?
  • Do you view crisis situations as only occasional occurrences? Or is your current style “everything is a crisis? How effective are you if everything is a crisis?
  • What is your current plan should a catastrophic event occur (e.g., natural disaster, work stoppage)? Is it effective?
  • What are your plans for day-to-day crises? How can you measure your leadership effectiveness?
  • How do you evaluate your current leadership practices? How do you know how effective you are?
  • How can you improve the impact and effectiveness of your leadership and your organization?

In this e-course, you will explore the Full Range Leadership strategy and its applications to planning, responding, and learning from critical incidents, as well the challenges presented by transformational change.


On completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between transactional and transformational leadership.
  • Analyze your own leadership style and modify it using a changed leadership perspective.
  • Design policies, procedures, staff training, and documentation for various events using a Critical Incident Management System approach.
  • Use the steps of the transformational change process as you plan organizational change.
  • Refine your critical incident plan and evaluate your leadership effectiveness using data collected during and after an incident.


Senior-level leaders and executives from juvenile correctional, detention, community corrections, and reentry/continuing care organizations who are charged with leading in times of critical incidents.

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