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Undue Familiarity: Do You Believe You Can Never Be Comprised? [Webinar]

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Webinar held April 24, 2019.

This webinar is meant to instruct correctional staff at every level on best practices and organizational policy related to professionalism between staff and inmates.  Relationships between staff and inmates can start to blur, and in doing so it can put correctional staff in harms way.  This webinar is intended to equip correctional staff with the information needed to examine the precursors of staff and inmate interaction that could lead to harmful and inappropriate acts, up to and including sexual misconduct.

Webinar presenters explore how staff accountability and responsibility are the two most important factors in protection against inappropriate behaviors.  Presenters look at indicators, red flags, and preventative measures that keep the balance of safety and security in a healthy environment for both staff and inmates.

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Undue Familiarity: Do You Believe You Can Never Be Comprised? [Webinar]


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