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Evelyn Bush

Evelyn Bush has more than 35 years of public service experience in the corrections field. Before joining NIC in 2002, she served as an NIC Consultant and in various leadership positions, including Warden, Regional Director, Deputy Commissioner in her 26 years with the Connecticut Department of Corrections. Evelyn has an Undergraduate Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Management Science. At NIC, she oversees and actively participates in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of blended training, technical assistance and coordinating resources to enhance the knowledge and competencies of corrections professionals. Her portfolio includes Strategic Development of Executive Women, Correctional Leadership Development for Women in Management, Conducting Security Audits and Gender Informed Practices in the Management of Women’s Prisons. Additionally, the new initiatives she is currently working on include developing an e-course on Undue Familiarity: Maintaining Boundaries, and a project for the compilation and distribution of COVID-19 challenges and/or choices faced by the field.

Job Title / Position
National Programs Advisor
Prisons Division
Agency / Business / Organization
National Institute of Corrections