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Gregory Crawford

Greg Crawford is a Correctional Program Specialist at the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). In addition to a master’s degree in organizational leadership from Chapman University, Greg has extensive leadership and criminal justice experience, which includes more than 20 years working in a misdemeanant probation department, a community-based mental health center, and over eight years with NIC supporting the field on a national level.

At NIC, Greg developed the Veterans Compendium Project. This project aims to provide justice-involved veterans’ resources at every point in the criminal justice system from law enforcement, veteran’s treatment courts, local jails, prisons, and finally to reentry. The most recent publication for the Veterans Compendium Project focused on specialized housing units for veterans in prisons. For the next resource in the series, he is working with American University on a publication that will address reentry for veterans. Further, he worked with the Center for Court Innovation to develop the first specialized set of screening and assessment tools, and a case planning protocol for justice-involved veterans. He is now working with American University and the Bureau of Justice Assistance to pilot test the tools in multiple jurisdictions with the goal of making the tools the standard for the field. Greg also worked with the Center for Court Innovation to develop a curriculum that focuses on responsivity issues for justice-involved veterans. The curriculum addresses military culture, service-related trauma, difficulties with transition from military to civilian life, and helps staff build basic skills to more effectively manage the justice-involved veterans on their caseloads. The curriculum has been piloted and is now in the process of being converted to an e-course. Greg serves as co-chair of the American Probation and Parole Association’s Justice Involved Veterans Committee and manages the NIC sponsored Justice Involved Veterans Network (JIVN). In addition, he was recently appointed to the Advisory Committee on Homeless Veterans (ACHV) led by the Veterans Health Administration.

Greg’s other projects include Dosage Based Probation and providing training and technical assistance to the field. He is a US Air Force veteran and passionate about improving the lives of those who served our country.

Job Title / Position
Correctional Program Specialist
Community Services Division
Agency / Business / Organization
National Institute of Corrections