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Holly Busby

Holly Busby has a diverse career in the criminal justice and social service system spanning more than 29 years. Holly currently serves as the Chief of the Community Services Division for the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) in Washington, D.C. NIC is a leader in the field of criminal justice, providing innovative training, technical assistance and information services to federal, state, tribal and local corrections agencies as well as public policymakers. In her current role, she leads the division which focuses on pretrial, probation, and parole. Holly along with her exceptional team of Correctional Program Specialists work together to bring innovative projects to enhance correctional practice throughout the country. Some of these initiatives include: Evidence Based Decision Making, Pretrial Justice and Front End Interventions, Parole Structured Decision Making Framework, Dosage Probation, Supporting and Facilitating Behavior Change, Justice Involved Women, Trauma Informed and Gender-Responsive programs, and Justice Involved Veterans, Community Supervision Staff Health and Wellness. Prior to serving as Chief, Holly was a Correctional Program Specialist leading NIC’s Thinking For a Change Initiative and Facilitating Leadership Development Programs for the Academy Division.

Prior to her employment with the National Institute of Corrections, Holly worked as a Program Manager with Dodge-Fillmore-Olmsted County Community Corrections in Rochester, MN. In that capacity, she was responsible for the supervision of the Corrections Probation, Supervised Release, Intensive Supervised Release and Adult Sex Offense Supervision Units. Prior to becoming a manager with DFO Community Corrections, Holly served as a senior probation agent, during which time she supervised various populations, including juveniles and adults convicted of sexual and domestic violence offenses, as well as individuals on Intensive Supervised Release. Holly served as a driving force behind the shift to Evidence Based Practices (EBP) in her agency, advocating for increased and ongoing trainings in Motivational Interviewing, Case Planning, Level of Service/Case Management Inventory risk assessment, as well as population-specific trainings to keep direct supervision agents at the forefront of EBP.

Holly is a former Licensed Peace Officer through the State of Minnesota’s Post Board, and worked in the patrol and civil/warrants divisions of the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department. She also served as a certified DARE officer. Holly has worked as a Victim Services Social Worker with Dodge-Fillmore-Olmsted County Community Correction serving as a Crime Victim’s Advocate, Sexual Assault Crisis Counselor and the Coordinator of the Victim Services Volunteer Program. Prior to that, Holly was a Child Protection Specialist with Dodge County Human Services, licensed through the State of Minnesota’s Board of Social Work.

Holly Busby
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Deputy Director (A)
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National Institute of Corrections