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Lorie Brisbin

Lorie Brisbin has been with NIC since 2010 and currently manages the Executives of Probation and Parole Network, the Parole Board Executives Network and the Parole Board Victim Coordinators Network along with other work in the areas of staff wellness, gender and paroling authorities.
She has been recognized as an authority in the area of sexual violence in correctional settings and has expertise in both offender and victim perspectives. In 2012, Lorie received a Distinguished Service Award from the U.S. Attorney General for her participation on the PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act) Standards Working Group.
Prior to coming to NIC in 2010, she was employed by the Idaho Department of Correction for ten years, serving as a probation/parole officer, statewide Parole Coordinator, Transitions Coordinator, PREA Program Coordinator and as an investigator in the Office of Professional Standards (internal affairs).

Job Title / Position
Correctional Program Specialist
Community Services Division
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National Institute of Corrections