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Stephen Amos

Stephen Amos is the Jails Division’s Chief at the National Institute of Corrections (NIC), U.S. Department of Justice, a post he has held for over five years. He is an accomplished public safety executive with more than three decades of broad success in crafting and delivering sustainable correctional capacity and innovative public policy throughout the United States and Afghanistan. His expertise includes crisis leadership, change management, technical assistance and training, strategic planning, and cost containment. He is a contributor to numerous publications and the subject matter of a bestseller, The Art of Crisis Leadership. He holds a Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement and Correctional Administration. Mr. Amos is responsible for the management and supervision of the NIC Jails Division. These responsibilities include program planning and policy development, cooperative agreements and contract administration, personnel and fiscal management, technology utilization and program evaluation, professional contacts with national state and local agencies and organizations, and contacts with the media and public.

Job Title / Position
Jails Division
Agency / Business / Organization
National Institute of Corrections