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Webinars & Broadcasts

This page houses NIC's recorded Webinars and Broadcasts. Below we provide a table of all of our recordings which you can either stream from our website or order a DVD copy of for you or your facility. This is a great resource of training and education on particular topics.

Format: 2023
Image Title Length Accession Yearsort ascending Tags
What’s Your Eye Chart Saying? How Our Beliefs Filter Our Views, Part 1 64 minutes 033371 2020 Organizational behavior, Diversity, Bias, Training in corrections
image for webinar COVID-19: How are Pretrial Service Agencies Dealing with the Coronavirus? [Webinar] 61 minutes 033372 2020 Pretrial services, Emergency plans - Pandemic -COVID-19, Pretrial release, Courts
image for webinar The Association between ACEs and Criminal Justice Involvement, Part 1 77 minutes 033378 2020 Trauma, Abuse, Mental health programs, Rehabilitation programs, Training in corrections
image for webinar Trauma-Informed Treatment and Theory, Part 2 74 minutes 033429 2020 Trauma, Abuse, Mental health programs, Rehabilitation programs, Training in corrections
Becoming Trauma Informed and Moving to Trauma Responsive, Part 3 77 minutes 033430 2020 Trauma, Abuse, Mental health programs, Rehabilitation programs, Training in corrections
Where Do I Start? Using ADDIE as a Roadmap for Conversion, Part 1 100 minutes 033436 2020 Training delivery, Training technology, Training in corrections
Undue Familiarity: Do You Believe You Can Never Be Comprised? [Webinar] 63 minutes 033265 2019 Staff inmate relations, Staff sexual misconduct, Prisons, Jails
Mindfulness Meditation, Stress Reduction, and Prevention 35 minutes 033224 2019 Stress management, Corrections stress, Mental health
Training from A (Analysis) to E (Evaluation) ‐ Are You Applying the Science of Learning and Performance? [Webinar] 66 minutes 033126 2019 Training development
Preventing and Controlling Hepatitis A in Jails and Prisons [Webinar] 62 minutes 033127 2019 Health service administration, Health services
Assessment, Your Library, and Your Collections [Webinar] 91 minutes 033121 2019 Libraries
Prescription Drugs of Abuse and Misuse in Jails and Prisons [Webinar] 61 minutes 033158 2019 Substance abuse, Jails
Family Connections in Correctional Facilities: Informational Webinar on TTA Opportunity [Webinar] 56 minutes 033663 2018 Children of inmates
Working Effectively with the Law Library [Webinar] 70 minutes 033119 2018 Law libraries, Institutional libraries
Offender Use of the Library [Webinar] 56 minutes 033122 2018 Institutional libraries, Libraries
Assessing Learning in Your Library [Webinar] 65 minutes 033125 2018 Institutional libraries, Libraries
How To Use Research in Practice [Webinar] 76 minutes 033120 2018 Evidence-based practice, Libraries
Measuring the Effect of Library Usage [Webinar] 81 minutes 033123 2018 Libraries, Institutional libraries
Transgender Broadcast cover image Transgender Persons In Custody: The Legal Landscape 2 hours 18 minutes 032835 2017 Transgender, Gender responsive
Corrections Stress Cover Corrections Stress: Peaks and Valleys 180 minutes 032605 2016 Corrections stress, Training in corrections
No News Is NOT Good News cover No News Is NOT Good News: The Role of PIOs in Jails [Internet Broadcast] 37 pages + 180 minutes 031534 2016 Media relations, Jails, Training in corrections
Reconnecting Justice Cover Reconnecting Justice: Pathways to Effective Reentry though Education and Training 180 minutes 032777 2016 Offender reintegration, Education, Vocational education
Pretrial Justice Cover Pretrial Justice: How to Maximize Public Safety, Court Appearance and Release [Internet Broadcast] 180 minutes 032719 2016 Pretrial release, Pretrial detention, Bail
Restrictive Housing Facilitator Guide Cover Restrictive Housing: Roadmap to Reform [Internet Broadcast] 10 hours 032721 2016 Restrictive housing, Administrative segregation, Solitary confinement, Training in corrections
032784 Hope Probation webinar video HOPE Probation: Hawaii's Opportunity Probation with Enforcement 90 minutes 032784 2016 Probation, Probation revocation