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Does Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Program Work? Evaluating Program Suitability Based on Offenders’ Post-Program Recidivism Status (2014)

"The main purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of Electronic Monitoring Home Detention (EMHD) program on post-program recidivism status of those who have participated in the program. The second objective of this study is to determine what factors best predict post-EMHD program recidivism. A binary logistic regression analysis was performed on a fourteen-variable model attempting to predict post-program recidivism status for the subjects who have been sentenced in the EMHD program. The analyses of the data in this study are based on a total of 293 subjects. A significant, yet interesting finding that emerged from this study is that EMHD program, measured as the “exit status” (successful completion vs. unsuccessful) had no effect on reducing post program recidivism for the subjects that participated in the program. The data show that the odds of one recidivating after their release were two times higher for those who had successfully completed the EMHD program compared to the subjects who did not complete the program."

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