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Promoting Offender Change in the Community: Positive Reinforcement Through EM Technology (2015)

"Electronic monitoring (EM) has a well-established place in the U.S. correctional landscape as a tool for supervising offenders living in the community. Statistics on the extent of EM use vary, but a recent projection estimated about 200,000 units in use. The use of EM technology is expected to grow considerably as more legislation is passed calling for expanded use of EM supervision for offenders. Most states have passed legislation governing the use of EM technology, and some call for lifetime monitoring of certain offender populations. Compounding this trend is the high rate of incarceration that dominated criminal justice practices for 30 years, resulting in the release of approximately 700,000 former prisoners each year into the community. Many of these people are in need of further supervision and support as they reintegrate into society, and criminal justice agencies require new and creative developments to address the needs of this population."

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