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Who Experiences Violent Victimization and Who Accesses Services? (2019)

The purpose of this research is to identify groups of persons at high risk for serious violent victimization to help inform how victim services and assistance can be targeted to victims of greatest need. Disparities in risk and use of victim services are examined using data from the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)—the nation’s primary source of statistical information on criminal victimization. Group characteristics such as gender, race and ethnicity, and low income status are considered, as are other factors that can help identify who is most likely to experience serious nonlethal violent victimization and who currently accesses victim services. The report describes trends in victimization and victim service use over time, as well as patterns for the most recent time period. This information can inform the victim assistance, criminal justice, and broader public health community in key funding and policy decisions affecting the lives of crime victims and front line practitioners across the country, at a time when historic funding levels and increased flexibility in the use of victim assistance dollars make data-informed strategies as critical as ever.