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Where can I find general guidelines and examples of procedures around jail/prison libraries?


We are reviewing our facility's inmate library procedures. We would like to know how other facilities handle the inmate library process. Can you help?

We have found that professional librarians are very willing to share their expertise. Don't forget to draw upon your local public or college/community college library staff to assist you or serve as an advisory group.

Meanwhile, take a look at the following resources. Both prison and jail library information are included since the issues are the same.

NC DOC Library P&P

Library Standards for Adult Correctional Institutions

Standards for Colorado Correctional libraries: Uniting Service and Security

Prison Librarian Blog Website

American Library Association Prisoners' Right to Read

Correctional Librarian Resources

Guidelines for Library Services to Prisoners (International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions)

Library Services for Youth in Custody

Department of Corrections, Montana State Prison, Operational Procedures: Library Services