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Crisis intervention

  • Crisis Intervention Teams: A Frontline Response to Mental Illness in Corrections [Lesson Plans and Participant's Manual]

    The tools, strategies, and techniques that will allow corrections staff, mental health service providers, and advocates to work together to develop
  • Statewide Law Enforcement/Mental Health Efforts: Strategies to Support and Sustain Local Initiatives

    “The purpose of this document is to provide readers with a description of how statewide efforts can be organized and play a role in supporting SPRs
  • Proceedings of the Large Jail Network Meeting: September 2017

    Presentations: “Mental Health Inmate Management-Texas Initiative” (1) “Jails and the Sandra Bland Act” by Dennis D.
  • Law Enforcement Officers Respecting Service, Restoring Honor for Vets in Crisis

    This white paper is based on a series of interviews, buttressed by personal observations, of key players in several jurisdictions where law enforce
  • Does NIC have information on crisis intervention teams (CIT)? (2022)

    With the closure of state hospitals beginning in the 1970’s and the shrinking resources in many communities, there is a large and disproportionate