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Community Corrections Collaborative Network: Safe and Smart Ways to Solve America's Correctional Challenges

The position paper, "Community Corrections Collaborative Network: Safe and Smart Ways To Solve America’s Correctional Challenges", finds that community corrections is a critical part of the public safety system that supervises individuals under the legal authority in the community to reduce crime and victimization.

Probation Review Implementation: How Best Practices Meet Everyday Practices

Results are presented from a comprehensive Probation Review of Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish.

Replicating HOPE: Can Others Do It As Well As Hawaii?

The lead researcher in NIJ's HOPE evaluation discusses efforts to duplicate the swift-and-certain sanctions model on the mainland.

The Paradox of Probation: Community Supervision in the Age of Mass Incarceration

This article evaluates the role of probation during the period in which the incarceration rate grew at an alarming rate.

Profiting from Probation: America’s “Offender-Funded” Probation Industry

This report, based largely on more than 75 interviews conducted with people in the states of Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi during the second half of 2013, describes patterns of abuse and financial hardship inflicted by the “offender-funded” model of privatized probation that prevails in well over 1,000 courts across the US.

Predicting Recidivism Risk: New Tool in Philadelphia Shows Great Promise

This article explains how your jurisdiction can use a random forest risk-forecasting tool.

Dosage Probation: Rethinking the Structure of Probation Sentences

This document explains how to link the duration of probation supervision to the optimal amount of intervention to reduce recidivism.

Changing Probation Officer Attitudes: Training Experience, Motivation, and Knowledge

The impact of evidence-based training on the level of probation officers’ (POs) knowledge of “what works” in effective interventions and also on the POs’ attitudes about providing better service are examined.

Managing the Risks Posed by Offender Computer Use: An APPA Technology Committee Issue Paper

This article offers an efficient way to effectively monitor your supervisees’ computer use.

Implementing Evidence-Based Practices in Community Corrections

This webinar offers practical strategies for improving the implementation process of evidence-based programs and achieving better program results.


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