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Community Services Division

The Community Services Division coordinates technical assistance, specialized training, and other programs related to probation, parole, and other forms of community-based corrections.

The Division also sponsors the development of publications and materials on topics of interest to community corrections practitioners, and it coordinates an interdisciplinary effort to assist jurisdictions in developing a more evidence-based, cost-effective, and collaborative criminal justice system.

Technical assistance related to Community Corrections is provided on issues such as caseload management, victims programs, employee safety, classification and assessment, and intermediate sanctions. The Division also provides specialized training and other programs that focus on: Executive Leadership and Development; Women Offenders; Evidence-Based Offender Interventions; Inmate Transition to Communities; Justice-Involved Veterans; Workforce Development; and Responding to Probation/Parole Violations.

Webinars & Trainings
video preview for Communicating with Families and Children in Correctional Facilities [Webinar]
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This webinar was created for the Family Connections Project. On April 16, 2020, the National Institute of Corrections (NIC) presented a 1.5-hour training webinar on strategies for staff to communicate with families and children in correctional facilities.

This webinar covered four major topics:

    033669 veteran intercepts in the criminal justice system
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    Develop a better understanding of the Veteran Sequential Intercept Model (V-SIM) and the intervention strategies and resources available at each intercept in part one of NIC’s four-part series highlighting reentry, diversion, and desistance alternatives for justice-involved veterans as they progress

    cover image for The community supervision leadership symposium series
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    The National Institute of Corrections created a first of its kind interactive webinar series with members of the Pretrial Executives, Urban Chiefs, and Probation and Parole Executives networks. The series focuses on whole system leadership; implementation science; and diversity, equity, and

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