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Jails Division

The NIC Jails Division's services include training, networks, technical assistance, and information resources, such as documents and DVDs. These services are conducted under five initiatives.

  • Jail Administration

    We provide training on key elements in jail administration, jail resource management, and building a productive relationship between jail officials and their funding authority. We also sponsor a peer-training network for large jail administrators, including meetings and an online discussion forum. Technical assistance and information resources cover a wide range of jail administration and operational issues.

  • Inmate Behavior Management

    We provide training, technical assistance, and information resources on the design and operation of direct supervision jails and on key elements in managing inmate behavior in all types of jails. These key elements include assessing inmates’ risks and needs (classification), assigning inmates to housing, meeting inmates’ basic needs, setting and conveying behavioral expectations, supervising inmates, and keeping inmates productively occupied.

  • New Jail Planning

    We provide training, technical assistance, and information resources on all phases of new-jail planning.

  • Jail Standards and Inspection

    We provide training for jail inspectors, a peer-training network for chief jail inspectors, information resources on standards and inspection, and related technical assistance.

  • Crisis Intervention Teams

    We provide training to help local jurisdictions learn the core elements of CITs and assess agency readiness to start a CIT.

  • Additional Projects and Initiatives being developed:

    Mental Health First aid, Being Trauma-Informed, Implementing a Case Management Model for Jails, and Management Development for Women and Minorities

Webinars & Trainings
document cover for Restrictive Housing: Roadmap to Reform facilitator guide
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The use of Restrictive Housing poses some of the most challenging questions facing corrections professionals: How should correctional agencies manage their most violent and disruptive inmates? How can they best protect their most vulnerable and victimized ones? And what is the safest and most humane

Looking for an incarcerated individual or facility?

NIC does not oversee incarcerated individuals or facilities and is unable to provide information about any incarcerated individual, the status of any case, or provide guidance on how to navigate the criminal justice system.

However, we recognize as part of the U.S. Corrections ecosystem how the public might find our agency when looking for a family member or facility. The two pages below will take you to the Department of Corrections (DOC) most likely to house the person you are looking for. Someone in that DOC should be able to help you further.

To Reaffirm: The mission of NIC is to serve local, state, and federal corrections with training materials, research, and technical assistance. NIC does not have anything to do with individuals involved in the United States corrections system.

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